Veterinary Anatomy

Interactive programs for Veterinary study.

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Programs available from this site, developed using Articulate Storyline, have been authored at 720 x 540 pixel resolution for the Tablet. Images are too large and detailed interactive structures too small for these programs to be displayed on "smart phones". These programs will run on Windows, iPad, and on some Android systems. They are not to be copied or distributed without the consent of their author, who may be contacted at

Note 1: These modules are not responsive to touch gestures (ex. size can not be changed by motions of the fingers).

Note 2: A free Mobile player will need to be downloaded from the Apple or Google store for the iPad or android. Also, you will want to use a stylus for those images which provide information on small arteries or nerves.

Note 3: iPads with Safari, as the browser, may not display all actions as authored; older iPads with less memory will be less capable (if you have difficulty or are unable to use your iPad, please contact the author, D.R. Adams)

Anatomical Modules

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Content of these modules is similar to that provided during the first semester of gross anatomy at a U.S. Veterinary College.

Each module contains a series of anatomical drawings which may be used with a stylus to select and study content areas. A small quiz is included in most of the modules.